special cylinders: when industry and craftsmanship came together

You have a need, we have the answer

Our special and super-special cylinders are designed and crafted to perfectly meet your needs. They are not adaptations of standard cylinders but cylinders created to fit seamlessly into any application: this means any material, any shape, any size, any feature can be accommodated. There are no limits. Contact us now.

WE HAVE created more than 5000 models of special and super-special cylinders, in single units or in series. We use and work with materials such as aluminum, brass, bronze, stainless steel, and various types of rubber for seals (silicone, NBR, FKM, and special compounds for very high or low temperatures)

to build excellent standard products doesn’t guarantee the same outcome when the product is unique: to proclaim oneself as producers of special products, one must go beyond the mere label.

Cross-functional technical skills, problem-solving abilities, attention to detail, vast experience, and above all, an extremely flexible and responsive production are required. But that’s not all: creativity, passion for one’s work, and a constant commitment to improvement are fundamental. All of this supported by appropriate machinery and collaborators capable of using them.

Slogans, including ours “we build tailor made for you” all convey the same message: choose us.

Slogans, including our own ‘we build tailor-made for you,’ all convey the same message: choose us. However, we don’t rely on slogans. We let our products speak for themselves. Each of our specialized cylinders is meticulously crafted with care and technical expertise, from material selection to assembly and packaging. Our goal is flawless operation of our products for decades

Over thirty years, we’ve proven our ability with over five thousand specialized cylinders. Try our products to see the difference between simple modifications and our genuine, crafted-from-scratch quality.


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