We design and manufacture special and super-special pneumatic cylinders. With modern design and production technologies, we tailor-create an industrial product with the care and expertise of a craftsman.

We’ve been doing this in Italy since 1985.

AerFlux 1/4″ e 3/8″
  • AerFlux valves are now available in 1/4″ and 3/8″ sizes. Also available with integrated RC (RodCleaner) system
AerFlux 3″
  • new AerFlux valves 3″ L shaped body are available
AerFlux 14XPU
  • The AerFlux 14XPU valves are now available. Entirely made of stainless steel. The toughest AerFlux valves ever crafted

Our mission: Uniting industry and artisanal excellence

We are technicians, designers, draftsmen, CNC programmers, and metalworkers. With extensive experience, professionalism, and ongoing training, we infuse great passion into our work and the products we build. We believe in an ethical component in our work, and we incorporate it into what we build and, most importantly, how we do it.


Every day, we design and manufacture pneumatic cylinders. By contacting us, you’ll get solutions, not complications: quick and concrete answers, products built to perform well and last long.


If a product is technically feasible, then it will be crafted skillfully and promptly. Any variation is possible regardless of the number of units required: every product deserves the same care and professionalism in its realization. The work should adapt to the product, not the other way around


Requests for information of any kind can be processed on the same day. Communications should be simple and quick. The product must be made as swiftly as possible


For us, quality isn’t an abstract concept but something tangible. It means building an excellent product, whose value is not solely defined by the cost. Everything revolves around the product, without unnecessary overhead. Simplicity and efficiency are integral parts of our concept of quality


We are a proudly Italian company.

HIGHLY SPECIALIZED in the design and production of special and super-special pneumatic cylinders, we also manufacture cylinders to unified standards and pneumatic control valves, sold under our brand AERFLUX. We primarily sell in Europe, Italy, and worldwide: North Africa, the Middle East, India, China, and the United Arab Emirates. Our customers range from multinational corporations to small businesses or individuals, to whom we sell directly or through local distributors. We have CNC centers and lathes, as well as manual machines and assembly and testing areas.

Our greatest asset is our employees: highly experienced technicians capable of designing and operating a wide variety of machines, with deep knowledge of pneumatic cylinders.



Over the course of almost forty years, we have designed and produced over 5000 unique models of special cylinders. Each with different dimensional and technical characteristics. Built as single units or in small to large series


“It’s the mindset of the producer that sets the best products apart from all the others”

In our profession, we integrate a premium artisanal element alongside industrial processing.

The special pneumatic cylinder is a harmonious system of components designed to work together in the best possible way. Therefore, the priority in the setup and programming of our CNC centers is not mere production speed but the absolute precision, functionality, and quality of the components we create. From individual parts to the finished product, each production phase is checked for compliance with dimensional, qualitative, and functional parameters.

We produce reliable products designed and built to last.


Our workflows are not just the result of studies but stem from forty years of experience in the manufacturing metalworking sector. The passion for what we do is the engine that fuels our unique know-how


The special cylinder can be born from our project, a customer’s drawing, or a project based on an existing sample: in this case, we try to optimize and improve what the customer provides


Once the basic measurements are taken and fundamental dimensions defined, we create a 3D CAD model of the cylinder. Our designers also operate CNC machines: the cylinder is conceived as a functional and achievable idea from the start. 2D drawings of components and the overall assembly are then produced. This serves both for the client’s final approval and…


….programming the necessary machining operations on CNC machines for the production of components. Each component is a 3D model, and for each of them, the operator creates, through CAM or manually at the machine, the corresponding program that includes all the operations needed to make it a ‘finished piece.’ Everything is done in-house. We don’t subcontract any work. We only manufacture components for our pneumatic cylinders.


The machine production cycles are initiated, and the pieces are processed. Processing parameters related to tools and materials are derived from tables, but more often, they stem from the experience of our operators. We have CNC centers with three and four axes, CNC lathes, and manual machines. Sometimes, manual machining proves quicker than setting up a CNC for a specific operation

Each component requires careful consideration of how to be processed, which tools to use, with what parameters, and especially how to optimize the operations. A typical phrase you might hear from us in production is ‘check that chip.’

“Reading” the machining chip indeed requires significant experience. The color and shape convey information about the operation, its efficiency, and the quality of the finished piece

Dimensional control

Each component, first as raw and then as a finished piece, undergoes meticulous inspection for dimensional and qualitative properties. No defects are allowed, tolerances must be adhered to, and everything must align with the production drawings.

Functional control

The pneumatic cylinder is a harmonious assembly of components that must function together in the best possible way. Quality is ensured by a strict protocol. After the initial pieces are completed, there’s a brief pause, and an assembler puts together what has been produced, following the designer’s instructions. If everything aligns, production continues: often, this phase brings about fundamental technical changes to the project. It is a dynamic and iterative process.

Surface treatments

If planned, components are delivered to our external suppliers for surface treatments. Anodizing, painting, nickel-plating, or zinc-plating. All suppliers are local.


When all the pieces are ready, assembly begins. The assembler puts together a prototype and subsequently creates and codes the assembly procedure. It’s a meticulous and systematic approach to a crucial phase

The assembler may perform slight adjustments on the pieces to make the assembly conform to the design. We are both industrial builders and craftsmen. The combination of industrial precision and craftsmanship adds a unique touch.


The cylinder is tested on a test panel controlled by a PLC. Solenoid valves and compressed air actuate the cylinder in various ways and at different speeds, detecting any minimal loss or pressure drop. In case of such issues, the cylinder undergoes inspection, and leaks are eliminated. Thorough testing to ensure top-notch performance


It’s a product we are proud of


OUR HISTORY begins in the early seventies in northern Milan, which then, as it is today, is an important economic district with a rich and ancient mechanical workship tradition. A small workshop specializing in mechanical processes, from micromechanics to carpentry, started building pneumatic cylinders to meet a customer’s demand. The products were appreciated beyond expectations, leading to a close supply collaboration with that customer, which quickly led to a complete revolution in production. Pneumatic cylinders became the main product, and within a few years, there were new hires, new customers, and new machinery.

In the winter of 1985, during the heavy snowfall that paralyzed Milan, the relocation to the current production facility took place. The company’s name was changed, and Air Matic srl was born

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