Who We Are

We are highly specialized in the design and manufacture of special and superspecial pneumatic cylinders , by the diameter of 8 till the diameter of 750.

We manufacture all kind of cylinders: ISO cylinders, CNOMO, rotating, screwed and our AERFLUX pneumatic valves.

We sell mostly in all Europe but also across Italy, North Africa, Middle East, India and China. To small companies or large multinational groups, directly or through resellers and customers of that area. We design and manufacture every component of our pneumatic cylinders entirely here in Italy, in our factory in Paderno Dugnano

We have equipment that allows us to design 3d models and then produce and install cylinders of all dimensions, and perform the static and dynamic sealing test of the cylinders. And most of all there are our technicians and our assemblers: they all have a long experience in the field and large ability to operate on a great variety of machines.

Our Mission

When italian industry meets craftsman care and passion. Since 1985

You will speak to those who every day designs and manufactures pneumatic cylinders. Dealing with us you will not lead to complications, but to solutions: efficient answers and products built to function well for a long time


For us quality is not just an abstract philosophical concept, but something concrete. It means building an excellent product, whose value is not defined only by the cost. Everything runs around the product, without unnecessary superstructures. Simplicity and efficiency are part of our quality concept.


If a product can be done it , it will be always done to perfection and quickly. Any change is feasible, no matter if small or large. Each product deserves the same care and professionalism. Work must adapt to the product not the other way around.


Price requests of any kind can be processed on the same day. Products must be made as soon as possible.



Our story begins in the early seventies, in the north side of Milan, an area that also today is an important Italian economical district of great and old mechanical tradition.

A small shop specialized in mechanical workings, from fine mechanics to carpentry, began the production of out of standard pneumatic cylinders in order to satisfy the request of a customer.

The product was appreciated beyond all expectations and started a collaboration that led to a complete manufacturing revolution. The pneumatic cylinders became the main product manufactured in that workshop and within a few years there were new productions area, new clients, new recruitment.

In the winter of 1985, during the heavy snowfall that paralyzed Milan, everything was moved to its current location in Paderno Dugnano, company name was changed, and like this AIR MATIC srl was born.

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