‘Rising’ people

AIR MATIC srl and the Polisportiva APO Mezzate

We are creators.

We know the worth of the word ‘rising’: it means involving, doing, acting. It means putting your best in everything you do.

But can children also be ‘lifted up’?

Why not? For example: by sport. It is not easy, because the sport choices should be the right ones. Competitiveness - without harming the other, fairness - without fear of the adversary, teamwork - without neutralize the other's individual qualities, respect without humiliate the other.


We happened to meet by coincidence the sports club APO Mezzate and we found out that we have some common values.

Speaking with the president, with the managers, and above all with the coaches dealing with our boys daily, the value of the work they perform emerged to us clearly, along with their commitment and passion.

We have seen our children raising and growing up. The life with the team, the competitions, the joyfulness of the victories and the upsetness of being defeated in the last moment.

APO is always at their side, stimulating and supporting them, guiding them into so many exciting victories and making them valorize their defeats.

Our kids learn that, in life, the values, the friendship, the teamwork and the respect are things that are always rewarded. APO is teaching them that commitment takes you far, rising you up.

We thank you for the passion and professionalism that you provide day by day for our children.

The new uniforms of the team should be a symbolic sign of our gratitude.

From manufacturer to manufacturer.