We build special pneumatic cylinders. Our mission is manufacturing, not the serial one based on economies of scale: we produce by applying the care, the commitment, and the passion of the craftsman to a product purely industrial. 

Special Pneumatic Cylinders

Any shape, any dimension, any material. One unit or hundred. Over 4000 different models built.


Pneumatic actuated valves. Available in many shapes body and features


Standard Pneumatic Cylinders

Big size compact pneumatic cylinders: ISO 15552 compatible, totally customizable


Four CNC Lathes, two CNC Centers, Manual lathes, Automatic Band Saws, Mills... everything you need to manufacture your special or standard components.


our standard normative cylinders are made with first quality material, using melting aluminium for heads.  Heads of the "Big Size" series and almost all special models, are machining by aluminium or steel bar. This means a total control over final result, and a total quality.


The production takes place entirely in our factory in Paderno Dugnano with the use of lathes and CNC work centers, but also with manual machines.

We have equipment that allows us to produce and install cylinders heavy hundreds of pounds and several meters long and also electro pneumatic PLC equipment to perform the static and dynamic sealing test of the cylinders.

But above all, there are our CNC technicians and our assemblers which all have a long experience in the field and large ability to operate on a great variety of manual machines.

Because in our work, next to the industrial components there is an high quality craft component.

From single component to finished product, each stage of production is checked in its dimensional, qualitative, and functional conformity parameters.

We manufacture products meant to last: simply we don't conceive the idea of built-in obsolescence or planned obsolescence.


Standards Products

  • ISO 15552 / 6431 pneumatic cylinders from diameter 32 to 320
  • CNOMO pneumatic cylinders from diameter 32 to 200
  • Screwed cylinders from diameter 20 to 100
  • Rotary cylinders from diameter 32 to 100
  • Compact ISO cylinder from diameter 125 to 250
  • AerFlux pneumatic valves from size 1/2" to 2"