AIR MATIC srl is a small italian Company known all over the world

Take a look at the article that the guys at “” in USA wrote about us. They also made excellent industrial information guides, like the one about pneumatic cylinders.

“Custom Designed Pneumatic Cylinders?

Industrial Automation comes in all shapes and sizes. They range from micro-actuators for semiconductor companies to huge actuators for shipyards and other manufacturing industries. The critical component of a significant chunk of industrial automation still relies on hydraulics or pneumatics. These automation techniques operate using pressure from fluid (liquid or gas) to scale a human input force to an appropriately sized force on the actual parts, which can desirably move the system.

Engineering works on standards. We have standards evolving over the centuries, with each geographical region having its counting system, which finally evolved into ISO, an international standard, to facilitate design and manufacturing overseas. This has had massive benefits and has also led to the development of set sizes across which the standard components of any machine are produced. For example, taking a  pneumatic cylinder, a regular pneumatic cylinder found anywhere will be in some measurement of ISO. But some processes require precision and have custom-designed actuators to fit their design, such as below.

This is where  Air Matic, an Italian high specialized Company, and its expertise with years of legacy step up and help them. Air Matic specializes in designing and manufacturing unique and superspecial pneumatic cylinders with a wide range of varieties. Air Matic has experts who design and manufacture pneumatic cylinders every day, with specialized industrial tools for designing 3d models of the pneumatic cylinders.

Furthermore, an essential aspect of the pneumatic cylinders is the material they are made of. When custom designing the piston cylinder, using certain alloys might help you reduce the strength or increase accuracy and other such benefits. Air Matic have acquired this knowledge through decades of experience in manufacturing and designing pneumatic cylinders for a large chunk of industrial automation applications. They can customize the material and identify the features that might be helpful to the automation application you are planning to use.

Air Matic’s motto is to develop a superior quality product that is simple, cost-effective, and efficient. they are Craftsmen and Engineers combined together.

Their professionals can handle all requests; as far as feasible, Air Matic is ready to cater to your needs. For them, each product has the same value, no matter how the size and order of the quantity. They also always deliver on their promises, sometimes even before time!”

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