The AV Series cylinders, made the history of industrial automation. It’s our longer-lived product

We have been producing them since before we are born

AV series did the history of pneumatic automation: before we become AIR MATIC srl in 1985, we were already doing them. Meanwhile we changed name, but these cylinders didn’t change at all:  cylinders AV SERIES are always been simply, sturdy and effective.

Available in double or single acting with or without return spring. Spring can be anterior (rod normally retracted) or posterior (rod normally extended)

They don’t need any kind of mountings to be fixed on machine edges. Mountings are built-in in the front or rear head. They are available with hinge-mounted, screw-mounted, feet-mounted, front flange-mounted, rear flange-mounted.

Cylinders AV series cannot be supplied with magnetic sensors or air cushions.

But if you need them, just ask us!

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